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The Historical Times is issued quarterly by The Granville Historical Society and has been published for more than 20 years.  The current editor is Tom Martin.  One benefit of joining the GHS is that you receive each issue of the Historical Times in the mail as it is published. 

Most issues of the Historical Times from 1988-2009 are available here for reading in Adobe Reader PDF format.  Clicking on the issue date will take you to a PDF of that issue.  For a complete index to past issues (through 2009), please click here.  All past issues are also available for reading at the Society's Museum at 115 East Broadway, Granville, OH.  Contact us for more information.


Historical Times IssueLead Article

2009 Fall"Religious roots of Granville's settlers," by Richard D. Shiels

2009 Summer"Early 19th century Roman Catholicism but a stone's throw from Granville," by Anthony J. Lisska

2009 Spring"Lure of the gold rush," compiled by Ann Natalie Hansen

2009 Winter"The history of your house," by Cynthia Cunningham Cort

2008 Summer"Frank Packard's Granville, A Prominent Architect Alters the Footprint of Granville," by Anthony J. Lisska

2008 Spring"A Planned Community, the Licking Company's Role is Well Documented," by Theresa Overholser

2008 Winter"Matters of Faith, A Father and a Son and Their Respective Religious Journeys,"  by Theresa Overholser

2007 Fall"Sign the Pledge," delivered by Jon Farris, edited by Theresa Overholser

2007 Summer"Music in Granville During Its First Century," by William Osborne

2007 SpringThe 175th Anniversary of Denison University," by Anthony J. Lisska

2006 Winter"Edward Andrew Deeds and the History of Denison's Deeds Field," by Brian Shue and Jason Wright

2006 Spring/Summer"Industry in Licking County," by Shirley Adams Palmer

2006 March"On Doing Local History," by Anthony J. Lisska

2005 December"Denison University in the Early 1850s, The Great Removal Issue," by Erin Currie and Lauren Molten

2005 August"Her Story:  Famous Women in Granville History," by Lindsey Nikolai and Mary Mooney

2005 May"Observations on the Natural and Cultural Resources of the Spring Valley," by Andrew M. Mickelson

2005 February"Granville's big historical moment was a riot!..or was it?" by Kevin Bennett and Tom Martin

2004 Spring  "The Preview of the New Granville History Bicentennial," by Tony Lisska

2004 Winter"Ellen Hayes, Granville Author, Political Radical, Wellesley College Mathematician," by Anthony Lisska

2003 Fall"The Very Rich Life of Anthony Pinkerton Prichard," by Theresa Overholser

2003 Summer"That was Woody," by Robert McDaniel as told to Louis Middleman

2003 Spring"The First Pulpit in Granville, The Story of the Village Post Office Mural," by Anthony J. Lisska

2003 Winter"The Ohio and Granville of 1831:  The Religious and Social Conditions," by Francis W. Shepardson

2002 Fall"A backward Glance at the Forward Pass:  Giving Credit Where Credit is DU!," By Anthony J. Lisska

2002 Summer"The Stills of Granville:  From Corn Whiskey to Peach Brandy, With a Little Cherry Bounce on the Side," by Anthony J. Lisska

2002 Spring"The Importance of Village Life in Early Nineteenth-Century Ohio," by Dale T. Knobel

2002 Winter"Clara Sinnett White, 1862-1947," by William Hoffman

2001 Fall"William Rainey Harper, The Granville Years," Anthony J. Lisska

2001 Summer"Sylvester Horton Rosecrans, The "Other" Rosecrans from Homer," by Anthony J. Lisska

2001 Spring"The Old Granville and The New," by Francis Wayland Shepardson, 1899

2001 Winter"Origins of the Modern Granville Water Works 1885-1886," by Robert J. Sauer

2000 Fall"James Gilruth:  The Story of a Nineteenth Century Circuit Rider," by Tony Stoneburner

2000 Summer"James Gilruth:  Methodist Circuit-rider," by Tony Stoneburner

2000 Spring"The 4th of July Celebration, from the Granville Times," July 8, 1915

2000 Winter"A Supreme Court Justice, a Senator, Two Generals and a Stove Maker:  Civil War Friends and Citizen-Soldiers," by Anthony J. Lisska

1999 Fall"The Old Academy Building:  Standing Proudly for 166 Years"

1999 Summer"Tracing the Granville Feeder Canal," by Albert Watson Davison, Jr.

1999 Spring"The Early Days of the Granville Golf Course," by Bob Evans

1999 Winter"Winter Fun In Granville," by Bob Evans

1998 Fall"The Coming of Age of Nellie Oakes, Part II," by Megan Catherine Lisska

1998 Summer"The Granville Riot, Granville's Reaction to the 1836 Abolitionist Convention Held at the Bancroft Barn on north Street," by Henry Howe, 1836, and "The Coming of Age of Nellie Oakes, Part I," by Megan Catherine Lisska

1998 Spring"A New-Year's Sermon, A composite of Jacob Little's new-year sermons from 1838, 1849, 1852, 1853, and 1854," by James Boggs

1998 Winter"Major General Charles Griffin, Granville's Forgotten Hero," by B. Kevin Bennett

1997 Fall"Hubert Howe Bancroft, Historian of the West," by Ann Natalie Hansen

1997 Summer"The Granville Furnace," by William Hoffman

1997 Spring"The House on Loudon Street," by Ann Natalie Hansen

1997 Winter"A Memorial to a Beloved Wife Establishes a Literary Tradition," by Paul Bennett

1996 Fall"Some Myths About Harmon-hyphen-Burke and Their Field," by G. E. Meyers

1996 Summer"The Hub of Ohio:  A collection of Late Nineteenth Century Granville Advertisements," by the editors

1996 Spring"The Church Builder in Newark Who Became the Hero of a Willa Cather Novel," by Anthony Lisska

1996 Winter"From Quarry to Park:  A History of Sugarloaf," by Marilyn Jung

1995 Fall"Fifty Years of Fidelity to a Fine Ideal," by Charles Browne White, July 31, 1930

1995 Summer"The Ku Klux Klan in Licking County," by B. Kevin Bennett

1995 Spring"Native American Earthworks Sculpt Lunar Odyssey," by Richard Holden, The Earlhamite, Vol. 105, No. 1, Autumn 1984

1995 Winter"The Influence of St. Luke's on the early Life of Granville," from The Granville Times, May 8, 1927

1994 Fall"Remembering Minnie Hite Moody," by Paul Bennett

1994 Spring"The Deep Cut, Ohio's Greatest Engineering Feat in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century," by Daniel Bonar and Anthony Lisska

1994 Winter"The Granville Institute of Hydropathy," from The Philosopher of Mount Parnassus, by Charles Browne White

1993 Fall"Preppies on the Hill, Doane Academy and Its Predecessors," by Thomas Gallant

1993 Summer"A Tribute to Bill and Alma Utter," by G. Wallace Chessman

1993 Spring"A Visit to Granville in 1834," from an anonymous diary

1993 Winter"How Licking County Got Its Name," by Robert W. Alrutz

1992 Fall"A Brief Life history of Willard Warner, (Granville Native/Forty-Niner/Civil War General/United States Senator/Alabama Carpetbagger)," by Antony Lisska

1992 Summer"The Story behind Our Lady of Mercy School, How 'Fassett's Folly' Acquired a New Mission, by Ann Natalie Hansen

1992 Spring"It's God's Truth, William," The Story of the Welsh Hills, by Eric Evans

1992 Winter"Tied and Bound by More Than a Road," A Look at the Historical Relationship between Granville and Newark, by G. Wallace Chessman

1991 Fall"An Account of Two Beaver Dams in the North Western Part of Granville Township," by Charles W. Bryant, Oct. 1885

1991 Summer"The Big Swamp, The Licking Summit Reservoir, Buckeye Lake," by Daniel Bonar and Anthony Lisska

1991 Spring"The Battle of North Mountain:  A Military Disaster for Licking County," by Kevin Bennett

1991 Winter"The Newark-Granville Interurban Car:  Was It the First Interurban in the Country?" by Anthony Lisska

1990 Fall"Morris Schaff:  Author/Soldier/Historian/Public Servant," by Samuel D. Schaff

1990 Summer"Denison Summer Theater," by William Brasmer

1990 Spring"The First Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church," by Fanchion R. Lewis and the Editorial Board

1990 Winter"The First Ohioans:  Licking County's Paleoindian Pioneers," by Bradley T. Lepper

1989 Fall"Bushnell's History of Granville:  Centennial of Publication," by Henry Bushnell, 1889

1989 Summer"An Old-School Minister, Charles J Baldwin, Minister of the Granville Baptist Church, 1886 to 1913," by Arthur C. Baldwin, 1937

1989 Spring"Painter from the Past, Miss Minnie Belle Jones," by Fanchion Lewis

1989 Winter"The Abolitionists in Granville," by Horace King

1988 Fall"Bryn Du Farm and Bryn Du Mansion, Granville, Ohio," by Fanchion Lewis

1988 Summer"Checking Out Utopia," Architecture in Granville,  by Marilyn Hirshler

1988 Spring"Thomas D. Jones and Cincinnati," Granville Civil War Sculptor, by William Stewart

1988 Winter"The Religious Heritage of the Granville Settlers," by Richard Shiels

1987 Fall"Northwest Ordinance of 1787," by Robert Drake