Granville, Ohio: A Study In Continuity And Change (Volumes I & II)


Granville, Ohio: A Study In Continuity And Change (Volumes I & II)


This is a two-book set of the first two volumes of the Granville Historical Society's bicentennial histories.  Volume III is available separately here.  The complete three-volume set is available here.

Winner of the American Association of State and Local History's Award of Merit

Volume I:  A Purpose, A Plan, A Place
Editors: Tony Lisska and Louis Middleman

2004 Granville Historical Society, 531 pages.

Volume I is subtitled A Purpose, A Plan, A Place. Edited by Tony Lisska and Louis Middleman, it features an introduction and six sections focusing sequentially on Granville's prehistory (including Native American mound-builders), Yankee settlement, the Civil War era, World War I, World War II, and post WWII through the contemporary period. The authors are nine local historians and scholars with expertise in these eras.

Volume II: Reflections and Impressions
Editor: Clarke L. Wilhelm

2004 Granville Historical Society, 349 pages.

The second volume, Reflections and Impressions, comprises a series of essays on various topics, such as "The Literary Culture of Granville," "Food in Granville," and 'The Granville Public Schools." It also includes significant reprints from the newsletter of the Granville Historical Society, The Historical Times. Volume II features about 20 authors and was edited by Clarke Wilhelm.

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