E-book version of The Civil War and Granville


E-book version of The Civil War and Granville


This is the .epub e-book version of the GHS's Pocket History #3, The Civil War & Granville: An Ohio Community's Outsized Contribution, by B. Kevin Bennett.

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By the autumn of 1860 the United States was on the verge of civil war. A small Ohio community best known as a center of education and culture, Granville responded to the conflict from the day Fort Sumter was fired on until the last troops returned home, both on the battlefield and the home front. An incredible number of individuals from the Granville area rose to become senior military leaders, and one would be hard pressed to find any other similarly sized community in the nation that matched, let alone exceeded, its importance. This is the extraordinary story of one village’s outsized role during the greatest crisis in U.S. history.

The Pocket History series presents short, readable introductions to topics in Granville's history.


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