E-book version of Freedom: The Antislavery Movement in Granville


E-book version of Freedom: The Antislavery Movement in Granville


This is the .epub e-book version of the GHS's Pocket History #6, Freedom: The Antislavery Movement in Granville, by Mitchell Snay.

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Many people have heard of the great Granville "Riot" of 1836, in which residents clashed over the issue of slavery. But what actually happened during that event, and why? What was the historical context for the riot in central Ohio, and how did it fit into the larger national debate? In this rich, readable volume, Denison University historian Mitchell Snay uncovers the political and cultural struggles over slavery, how they impacted Granville, the involvement of prominent Granvillians on the local and national stage, the area's role in the Underground Railroad, and the deep questions over citizenship and freedom that divided the village—and the nation.

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