Philipps Cemetery Records

The Philipps Cemetery is located on Philipps Road just inside the northeast corner of Granville Township. The first interment appears to have been that of Thomas Philipps in 1813, although it is said that there are 25 unmarked graves.

Most of the information presented here has been derived from a transcription of the grave markers done around 1900 by Ethel and Nellie Evans. Information about the few burials made after 1900 has been obtained from grave markers and printed obituaries, and a new reading of the grave markers by the editor has added an additional sixteen names to the list. The cemetery is well maintained by Granville Township, and the older sandstone markers are in average condition for their age. Several are completely unreadable. 

This information is intended to be used only for general and family historical research. It is thought but not guaranteed to be accurate.

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