The Old Colony Burying Ground Cemetery Records

We have embedded a searchable and sortable database of the cemetery records for the Old Colony Burying Ground in Granville.  

How to use these records

We are still processing these records. However, you can view and sort the data that we have entered so far.

To sort, click on the arrow in the column heading (note: sorting by date is still inconsistent--we're working on it).  

To search, click anywhere in the table and use your computer's search function (Windows=CONTROL+F; Mac=COMMAND+F) to enter a search term.

To view the inscription (if any), look in the "Epitaph" column. If there is a red triangle, click in that cell. A small green comment box should appear; click on that to read the epitaph.  If there is no red triangle, you will need to look for the Bryant Number (first column, far left). That number corresponds to the list of epitaphs on this PDF.  For example, to find the epitaph for George Abbott (Bryant Number 373), scroll to #373 in the PDF). 

SEARCHABLE DATABASE OF THE old colony burying ground RECORDS