Our Publications

The GHS has published a wide range of books, including our new Pocket History series, our 3-volume bicentennial set, and more.  You can order them online by visiting our online store here.

You can also purchase many of the titles below at the Museum itself during open hours, at Readers' Garden bookstore in Granville, or by contacting the GHS directly at granvillehistorical@gmail.com or 740-587-3951.

For the items below, the beginning pages have been scanned, including the introduction and table of contents, and placed in PDF format (click on the "sample" link to view).

Our most recent publications

Other GHS Publications


Unhitch the Horse, I’m Here!
by Mary Fitch
(Table of Contents)




The Philosopher of Mount Parnassus
by Charles Brown White
(Table of Contents)




Shepardson College and its Heritage
by Thomas F. Gallant
(Table of Contents)  



Early Public Schools of Granville and Granville Township
by Thomas F. Gallant
(Table of Contents)  



Thomas D. Jones
by Wm. C. Stewart